1. From British Columbia

I filed for bankruptcy a few months ago. I never planed or expected that my life will lead that way. I graduated from university took English/math courses and you would think that I got it with $, but nope! It took me years to actually see how much all the interest was accumulating! Over 14 yrs of debt trying to pay by working harder, longer hours, sacrifice everything (like family time/church time) and what did it bring? more stress. Anyhow, I am looking forward to my discharge soon (God willing) and my life will at last start over~! Piece of advice to all of you out there: no cosigning for anyone, unless you are ready to pay them regardless of what happens or else, you might have to file bankruptcy like I did. (So much of my debt was cosigning for my husband truck/trailer/business etc) but we love each other, made mistakes/bad investments in business but that`s ok LIFE is starting again and I still got years to live (after all when I die, don`t take my bankruptcy records/or any money) so make the best of your life today. It broke my heart … having to go through this, many months of crying/upset/depressed etc… but remember the rainbow after the rain (and thunder).

  1. From Quebec

I filed for bankruptcy back on March 18th. I really was not in a bad financial situation and am still not today but I had to do something to get CRS off my back for $80,000. They went back and disallowed many of my deductions which were legitimate but i could no longer prove because of a nasty divorce and the `burning of my papers`.

I received my discharge papers from my Trustee last week.

For all of you out there that are fearing what the future holds for you before, during and after filing please take a deep breath and know that everything will work out for the best. You life is not over… it is just beginning.

  1. From Ontario

I just wanted to share an encouraging story. My husband I filed joint bankruptcy in October 2006. We were discharged in August 2007. We immediately applied for secure credit cards which we have been using for over a year, and paying off completely. Six months ago, we applied for a loan for a car and were quoted around 20%. We held off, spent the last 6 months continuing to use and pay off our credit cards. We just got approved for a car loan at 13%! Still more than a `normal` person, but that is a 7% difference from even 6 months ago!

So for those who are considering bankruptcy, all is not lost – the future can be bright! And you will get credit again!

  1. From Ontario

While the time spent paying off the proposal was rough after living with credit cards and lines of credit for so many years and then having to make the (basically overnight) adjustment — the plan, without question, saved my life.

The “game” of thinking you can stay on top of ever-spiraling debt is just that – a game you cannot win.

The stress of trying to move money from one lender to another, time and again, would have probably done me in — and again, while it was not an easy choice or easy to live through,  I would highly recommend a consumer proposal (as opposed to bankruptcy).